All Set for Spring

Tuesday 02 April, 2019

By Field & Lawn

Spring marquees are in sight, and the Field and Lawn team is raring to go.

This period in the year allows our marquee installation teams the chance to come together and prepare for the projects ahead. This involves assessing equipment and the marquee kit, as well as how the team operates to see if any improvements can be made. The team takes great pride in all aspects of their work, especially when it comes to looking after and repairing marquee equipment.

Once assessments are complete, action plan lists are generated and maintenance is scheduled. Luckily, the highly experienced and knowledgeable team are skilled in repairing, painting and conditioning our marquee kit. Once everything is ‘ship-shape’, the annual stocktake is undertaken which can be a long process with the extensive range of marquee equipment and kit Field and Lawn stocks - everything from 3m to 30m and every conceivable option in between.

Every nut, bolt, base plate and length of PVC is counted and recounted for safety and repair. The Foremen like to take control of identifying any issues with the equipment and kit, and are adept in creating resolutions to resolve repair issues where necessary. Replacement and new purchase lists are compiled to ensure that the marquee equipment and kit on offer is of the highest standard.

Each year Field and Lawn reinvests in all branches across the UK to ensure that the quality of product is maintained as well as ensuring a sustainable business.

With Spring in the air bringing lighter and brighter days, the Field and Lawn teams are getting excited at the prospect of getting out and about on sites to create structures for valued customers. The teams are eager to break free from the confines of their branches to be in the open air creating a marquee structure within a few short hours.

Ian Sutcliffe (or as we know him, Snowy) has been with Field & Lawn for 15 years and explains the excitement of getting back on sites:

"It's a great feeling to step into our Spring programme of marquee constructions. Each year we go to new places, take on exciting challenges and meet new customers. Add in arranging logistics and coping with the elements and this makes every day completely different. But this keeps us moving forward with innovative marquee solutions for our clients."

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