Beginning With The Best In-tent

Tuesday 08 May, 2018

By Field & Lawn

Almost exactly three months in, the Edinburgh branch’s youngest team member Emily Robertson is embracing life at Field and Lawn with arms wide open!

“I joined the company as a fresh faced Glasgow graduate and was experiencing quite the gear shift from my degree in Product Design Engineering. Swapping ProMarkers and Adobe for Biros and TSS has taken some adjustment but I am now loving the world of event services.

“With the wise guidance of Piers and Angela in the Edinburgh branch, I have found myself being amazed by the action behind the scenes in some of the most impressive and intriguing events around – who knew you could make a whole event about potatoes?  My out of office destinations have included BT Murrayfield Stadium, a breezy Borders wind farm, a wintery Edinburgh mound and a Bristol project manager’s meeting, amongst others. 

“The nature of event organisation means that there is no real option of doing things in your own time; our schedule is set by our clients and, when the time comes, we have to hit the ground running.  Thanks to this, I have been learning fast with a new task or challenge every day and greatly look forward to the year ahead!”

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