Supporting the Motor Industry Through COVID-19

Friday 08 January, 2021

By Field & Lawn

As restrictions from Covid-19 tightened throughout the UK last year, Field and Lawn worked closely with clients in the Motor Industry to provide solutions to enable their showrooms to stay open for business in a safe, socially distanced manner.

We were able to provide a wide range of flexible structures allowing for ‘click and collect’ services and handovers to take place outside of the showroom, helping to keep everyone safer. We are currently providing over 750 sq. metres of structures to businesses across the Motor Industry.

As well as providing canopy structures for ‘click and collect’ we can also work with clients to help with delivery of vehicles, MOT and repair services. Our temporary structures provide a quick solution to your problems and can assist in keeping your business open at the start of this difficult year.

To find out more about how our teams across the UK can support your business, please make an enquiry below or visit our contact page.