Festival Fever!

Tuesday 12 June, 2018

By Field & Lawn

It’s that time of year again. Summer is fast approaching which means festivals of all shapes and sizes aren’t far behind.

From music to trade, gardening to food & drink, everyone is catered for and the Field and Lawn team can’t wait to jump right back in.

Our Manchester team has been busy planning, getting all the necessary equipment and vehicles ready and checked to ensure everything is in place for some massive summer festivals over the new months.

This past week has been music central, with our team spending the whole week building over 70 structures for Parklife alone, while simultaneously constructing for Download Festival - it truly has been all systems go!

Providing ticketing marquees, bars, catering, all the way up to main stage marquees, we have everything a successful festival could need. 

With festivals becoming more interactive each year, organisers are getting more creative with their offerings. We thoroughly enjoy working closely with each of them to bring their ideas to life and provide suitable marquee structures to meet their needs.  

Find out more about our festival marquee hire services by contacting your nearest branch using the form below.