Kit of the Highest Calibre

Thursday 15 February, 2018

By Field & Lawn

The success of Field and Lawn comes down to some core elements that are vital to the business. 

One of these elements is the dedication of our teams across the country who work tirelessly to make each project a success. But there’s also another dedicated group that works incredibly hard each year - our equipment.

Structure Maintenance 3 Structure Maintenance 1

Beams that have supported structures of every shape and size. Floors that have endured the footfall of excited crowds up and down the country. And PVC which have provided a much-needed shield against the elements, come rain or shine. Working this hard means they’re fully entitled to a little TLC when the new year rolls in, and we are happy to oblige.

To ensure our kit is the best possible quality it can be, maintenance is absolutely essential to Field and Lawn. Team members spend 12 weeks at the start of each year checking, cleaning and sorting our huge range of stock items to make sure every piece of kit is up to the highest standard.

Structure Maintenance 4 Structure Maintenance 2

How many pieces of equipment? We asked our Manchester team to break it down just in case you asked!  

  • 1,004 party beams (3m / 6m / 9m) cleaned and polished

  • 692 big beams (10m / 12m / 15m / 20m / 25m / 30m) cleaned and polished

  • 5,763 floorboards cleaned

  • 1,799 pieces of PVC washed

  • 512 linings washed

Total minutes spent: 28,800 Total seconds spent: 1,728,000

Our dedication spans the length and breadth of the business, from our customer service to the highest calibre of kit. If you’d like to work with us on an upcoming project, please contact us at your nearest branch and we’ll delighted to discuss your requirements.