Marquees to the Max!

Friday 29 March, 2019

By Field & Lawn

Recently the Field and Lawn team went 'far out, man' to bring the extra space needed for a 70's themed birthday party.

Building the marquee structure in Edinburgh, the Field and Lawn team came up with the ideal solution to give the client exactly what they needed. This included an adjoining walkway structure attached to the client’s conservatory that led down into the garden where the main marquee structure was situated. So party guests could boogie on over from the house to the dance floor with ease. Conversely meaning there were no party guests dancing round their house! The birthday bash was a great success and the marquee accommodated all of the guests comfortably, allowing the client to just enjoy the event without any worry.

With everything to take into consideration, the Field and Lawn team knows that planning a private event can be stressful enough. Whether it’s a children’s garden party or a 60th birthday extravaganza, the team would be delighted to provide a marquee structure solution that can be adjusted to suit your space and needs. When you engage with Field and Lawn to provide a marquee structure, you are in safe hands.

A dedicated project manager will be working with you from start to finish to ensure everything has been thought of, including all of those last minute changes that inevitably crop up. With a team that has been providing marquee structures for private events and parties for over 30 years, the Field and Lawn team is highly trained in making your vision a reality and making your event one to remember.

"When we are working with a client to deliver a private function, it is vital that we utilise the often limited space that we have available. Access also needs to be considered a lot more as these events are normally situated in residential areas. By keeping these elements at the forefront of our minds throughout the project, we can ensure a seamless delivery and a fantastic marquee space." - Robbie Kent, Project Manager

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