Mudbath: The Aftermath

Monday 24 June, 2019

By Field & Lawn

So far, this June is shaping up to be one of the wettest on record, with some areas of the country receiving more than two months’ worth of rain in just two days!

During the first few rainy weeks of June the Manchester branch had the mammoth task of installing nearly 200,000 sq ft of structures for some of the country's most popular festivals. In the best of conditions this is always a logistical challenge, but the rainy weather brings added difficulties for our build teams out battling the elements on site and trying to stay on schedule.

The inclement weather didn’t put off the thousands of dedicated festival-goers who bravely raved, moshed and sang their hearts out in both rain and shine in Manchester and Derby.

Whilst they get to return to the comfort of their warm homes, with a cuppa and a biscuit, it’s time for our teams to face...the mudbath aftermath.

The muddy sites may cause our dismantle crews a little bit of bother but it’s definitely positive news for our warehouse teams as they lap up all the extra overtime with hundreds of thousands of square feet of once-white marquee roofs and walls to be returned to our depot for a thorough washing.

In just one weekend, over 350,000 sq ft of PVC was installed for two massive music festivals, so it’s a race against time to get all those covers back to sparkling white, ready for the next wave of summer festivals!

Our summer schedule is getting pretty jam packed but we’re always looking to take on another challenge. If you still have marquee requirements for any upcoming festivals or events get in touch with your nearest branch.