Proper Preparation and Planning at Field and Lawn

Wednesday 18 September, 2019

By Field & Lawn

The Field and Lawn team are expert project managers.

We start every job with a quotation but it’s not all about the price. Behind every event or project, there is a well-organised group of office and warehouse staff planning and preparing every detail and every piece of equipment for the numerous jobs we deliver across the UK, day in day out.

In each of our branches in Edinburgh, London, Bristol, and Manchester our people, along with numerous other tasks, draw plans; produce load manifests; book subcontractors; place orders; wash and repair kit; load and unload; work out risk assessments, and deliver to and from site.

When you buy or hire from Field and Lawn, you get a lot more than you can see. You get back up and several years of a great variety of experience. We understand how it works and we share that with each and every one of our clients.

Trust us to prepare, plan and perform. Book us for structures, tents, Christmas lights or flags and city dressing - contact your nearest branch to find out how we can help.