Recognising 100 years of flight and innovation

Recognising 100 years of flight and innovation

Wednesday 05 July, 2017

By Field & Lawn

Imperial War Museums (IWM) recently celebrated two milestones - its centenary year and 100 years since work began on RAF Duxford. This momentous occasion was marked by the installation of an impressive sculpture, created and conceived by sound artist Nick Ryan.

DX17 is an immersive sound structure comprising one hundred points of light, each with encoded audio. With each light representing a memory, guests can use a handheld device to hear snippets from people who have been influenced by Duxford.

Iwm Internal Blackout Marquee Iwm Duxford Marquee Hire External

This remarkable project was unveiled on the 15th of June and Field and Lawn was honoured to be a part of it. Providing a 15m x 25m marquee structure to house the sculpture, guests were able to fully immerse themselves in this unique experience thanks to the inclusion of a full gable partition and black-out linings.

It’s difficult to encapsulate the icon site’s 100 years of history, but the sculpture allows guests to get a glimpse into the rich heritage which makes Duxford so special. 

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