Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Monday 12 February, 2018

By Field & Lawn

At Field and Lawn, we are known for installing all kinds of different industrial structures which meet the specific needs of our clients. What you may not know is that as well as setting them up, we also break them down - and not just when a project is finished.

Field and Lawn offers a structure relocation service where we take your industrial structure, completely break it down, move it, and rebuild it in a new location.

Industrial Structure Relocation 3 Web Industrial Structure Relocation 1 Web

A project like this was recently undertaken by the Bristol team who were tasked with the rapid relocation of a 15m x 20m industrial storage structure with a 6m leg height.

With only days to clear the structure from the site and transport it to a new location, the Field and Lawn team worked quickly to ensure valuable storage space was provided at the new location for the client.

Industrial Structure Relocation 4 Web

Our experienced structure installation crew, which includes plant operators, can assist or fully manage dismantling and building a range of industrial structures. 

For complete peace of mind, Field and Lawn can also provide maintenance call outs, ensuring your structure remains fully secured and watertight.

To find out more about our Commercial and Industrial Structure Hire service, get in touch with us at your nearest branch or fill out the enquiry form below..