Responding to Change

Wednesday 22 April, 2020

By Field & Lawn

We have all experienced considerable change recently. Even since the update I wrote on the 18th of March.

Then, I talked about our reserves and Field and Lawn’s ability to cope with the slowing of the economy. I am pleased to say that we continue to be in a strong position and to report that we are dealing with what the world has thrown at us.

One of the things we have learnt to do well at Field and Lawn over the life of the company is adapt, and we have managed to do this again. Following the cancellation of so many international sporting events, festivals, and effectively any gathering at all, we have changed our direction and focused our efforts on helping the country cope and recover from this dreadful situation.

We have been busy delivering to the Government, NHS, and local authorities all around the UK in a mammoth effort to build testing centres, support hospitals and other essential areas. The entire team have spent long hours seven days a week to make this happen in time for the peak of the problem.

We are now preparing for the end of this strange time, building social distancing facilities for companies and organisations of all types and looking forward to installing our Christmas Lighting schemes around the UK. We are of course also quoting for the 2021 events season.

I want to say thank you again to our amazing, adaptable, hardworking team for their persistence and courage.

From us all, we continue to be grateful to our customers for choosing us and in return we will be here to help with your requirements in whatever sector of our business that may be.

Please call (or email) me or any member of my team anytime.

Cameron Stewart,
Chief Executive