Ship Shape

Tuesday 29 October, 2019

By Field & Lawn

How do you get a marquee on a ship? You bring in the Field and Lawn team, of course.

September brought an exciting collaboration between the Field and Lawn team and the Northern Lighthouse Board to build a marquee aboard The Pharos which was docked on the River Thames for London International Shipping Week.

The job presented a logistical challenge as the ship was to be docked alongside HMS Belfast near Tower Bridge with no access to load any equipment for the installation. However, one week prior to the build; the entire marquee, wooden floor and carpet, chairs, tables, sound system and heaters were all packed and strapped onto pallets and sent to Scotland to be craned into the ship’s hold where it was berthed in Dundee.

The Pharos then sailed to London and was met by our team who had just one day to build the marquee, lay the floor and carpet, and install heating, lighting and sound equipment.

It was an impressive setting and a highly bespoke installation. This made for a truly unique day for our team. The marquee played host to several talks, awards, presentations and parties throughout the week and was a huge success for the organisers at the Northern Lighthouse Board. Once the week finished, the Field and Lawn team packed down the kit for The Pharos to sail back to Scotland to complete the loop in reverse.

Field and Lawn relish the opportunity to deliver on unique structure requirements. So if you have some complex plans for your next event, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.