World Pipe Band Championships 2019

Tuesday 10 September, 2019

By Field & Lawn

The World Pipe Band Championships have been staged since 1947. This is an event that thrives on its history.

The championships attract over 220 teams a year with more than a quarter of them traveling from overseas to compete. A truly global event, it normally attracts teams from 15 or more countries around the world.

The Field and Lawn team provided around 2,000 sqm of marquee structures for the event on Glasgow Green. This included marquees for Highland Dancing; Guest Hospitality and Kitchen; and the Officials Catering and Kitchen.

Highland Dancing is synonymous with the majestic sound of bagpipes, so this portion of the afternoon is a particular highlight. The Highland Dancing marquee structure constructed by Field and Lawn allowed the dancers to get some shelter from the rain and therefore perform at their very best.

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